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How to enjoy a comfortable travel during Pregnancy

Date Added: October 13, 2008 01:02:13 PM
Author: Rkum
Category: Travel and Tourism
Unless you are very close to labor, traveling while pregnant is almost safe. No doubt, your near and dear ones will definitely be against it because they care for you but traveling while pregnant can be fun, exciting and adventurous.
Traveling while pregnant can be a great way to release the stress of pregnancy, if you follow properly. Seriously, anyone can enjoy a relaxing, comfortable travel while pregnant; all we have to do is plan wisely and follow some common tips and tricks. If you are pregnant and planning to travel somewhere, here are some tips that will make your travel more convenient: Consult your doctor before planning your trip.
Check out the airline regulations for pregnant travelers. Avoid going to places where you require immunization. While booking your airline ticket, let the attendants know that you are pregnant and you need an aisle seat, so you won’t have much trouble going to the bathroom. Get a medical certificate from your doctor confirming that it’s safe for you to travel. Forget the latest trend in the fashion world and wear a comfortable shoe. Your feet and back will get more support by wearing a good, comfortable shoe. Wear comfortable clothing, dress in layers so you can adjust with both cold and warm temperatures.
Don’t forget to bring along an iPod, a MP3 player or a walkman to kill your time. If you love reading, a romantic novel or books on Pregnancy & Childcare will also keep you entertained the whole flight. Take care of what you are eating. It’s always better to bring your own food from home, besides almost every airline offers travelers to order special meals in advance.
Please avoid junk foods. Stay hydrated; always carry a water bottle with you. As pregnant women need a lot of fluids and travelling can make your body to become easily dehydrated. If possible, don’t travel alone. Always keep your emergency contact numbers, such as your doctor, husband and family, handy. According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is safe for any pregnant women to enjoy an air travel upto 36th week of pregnancy, unless you are suffering from pregnancy complications. If you are thinking of going on a vacation before the big day or visit a relative, go ahead. But be sure that you follow all the needed precautions before you travel. Visit :  Cheapoair.


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